How To Set Up and Test Microphones in Windows 10 Using TONOR Q9 USB Microphone Kit

If your device is getting smudged and dirty, learn how to clean a Chromebook screen. If you’re new to Chromebook, there are other things you might be interested in. For example, did you know you can put a Chromebook in airplane mode? You can also add a second user on your Chromebook. Select the Audio Settings arrow icon next to the volume slider.

In the Computer tab, you will see the connected microphone and speakers. Click the Speaker or Play icon to open Sound Check. You can test your microphone and speakers during the meeting to ensure that your device is connected. If the microphone is working properly, then made sounds will be displayed on the “Microphone activity” chart. Besides, these sounds can be output to your speakers or headphones. If the microphone you’re going to test is not the default device for recording, you need to click the Set Default button to set it as the default device first.

In Windows 11

On the other hand, the adjustable headband doesn’t have any notches or numbers, so finding a consistent fit is difficult. This is especially true since the A30 Wireless comes with a carrying case, and you’ll have to make the headset as small as possible in order to fit inside. I was always able to adjust the A30 Wireless to approximately the right position, but I didn’t like that I had no real way to tell. Ensure your A10 Headset is securely plugged into the PC.

  • Apart from that, update your audio driver, turn on Media Permissions on Teams, choose a different audio output device, or try using Teams’ web app.
  • Check if your default recording device is your built-in microphone or the microphone jack.
  • After activating the premium version, Auslogics Driver Updater updates your drivers.

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If you’re not seeing any microphone activity during the microphone test, first, try disconnecting and reconnecting your microphone . When you log back in, run the microphone test again. In the “Sound” window, switch to the “Recording” tab, choose your microphone, and open “Properties“. After that, click on “Next” and then read the sentence displayed on the screen. If the indicator is within the “green” region, it means your microphone is working well.


Download the latest version of the microphone driver from its manufacturer’s website. On the Chrome browser, tap on the vertical three-dots menu to open More options. Keep in mind that your WiFi network credentials are retained between users, please delete this information before you return the device if you use this function. Closing the lid on a Chromebook doesn’t do anything – it does not lock, sign out, or shut down the laptop. We chose this setting so that people who are using the Chromebooks offline don’t accidentally sign out and lose their data. Our devices are configured to erase the last user’s account information on shutdown or log off, for privacy.

Verify that your microphone is allowed in your browser. Learn how to check that your microphone is allowed on Chrome and Firefox. If you are not on Ubuntu or prefer to use the terminal instead, here is a command-line method for testing the microphone on your Linux PC. In that case, try switching the cables with spare ones to see if the microphone is readable now. The problem might also be with the ports, which you’ll need to have then replaced. If your microphone isn’t working, you can join a Zoom meeting by phone.

When you open the lid, the Chromebook will rescan your audio devices. You can be sure your headphones will be found among the list of devices. You should now be able to use the microphone freely in Google Meet without any persistent issues. The extensions settings page will now open up.